We have a new Class Schedule starting today.  Not much has changed so it probably wont effect you much but take a look at it.
Its on our website crossfitstonybrook.com/calendar or here is a pdf version Class Schedule
Here is a quick overview.
  • Wednesday 5 am Class is now a CrossFit Class instead of Burn
  • Kids Classes are Monday 5pm with Coach Mike
  • Teens Class is Monday/Wednesday at 7pm with Coach John
  • 10 am Saturday is CrossFit Family Class
CrossFit Family is a regular CrossFit Class that is open to CrossFitter of all ages from 6 and up.  Adults, Kids, Teens doing the WOD together.  Its going to be lots of fun and will be based off the WOD for Saturday.  There will be age appropriate version for each age group.  So bring your kids/teens in for a free trial with you one Saturday.
We have some new Programs starting soon also.
Next Week
Online CrossFit with CrossFit Stony Brook – this is open to all members who need some WODS while they are away, Just let us know ehnw your traveling so we can make sure you get the WODS.  Its also open to non-members.  They can sign up for $24.99/month and will receive workouts each week with videos instruction and access to a private group to ask questions.
CrossFit Endurance – Want to get better at running?  or just want to run with some friends.  If your interested let us know.  Its included in your membership.  We are going to have a group running Session Saturday Mornings at 7 am before classes start.  We can also have group bike rides if anyone is interested.