“Does your first rep look like your last rep”

By Coach Robyn Romanoff
-Being consciously aware of every move you make.
So this concept is one I am going to really buckle down and focus on in my own crossfit. It’s so easy to get tired during a wod and start to loose form. Whether that means not go to full depth on a squat, fail to lock out the arms in a snatch or push press, or just generally get ugly with lifts. I’ve been recording myself for a while now, and I see when I get tired and it reflects in my form.
Lately I am trying to lowering my weight, and and increasing my attention on better technique throughout the full wod. My times may be slower but I feel more connected to what I am doing when I workout, and have more control.  So, I want you guys to try this; start mentally grading yourselves. If you stayed as true to form as you have possibly could have then give yourself an A, if you let fatigue hit you a little towards the end give yourself a B, if fatigue has you looking mediocre midway through the wod, a C, and if you broke down form as soon as fatigue set in, an F.  Just reinforcing proper points of performance mentally, even under fatigue, will make you that much physically and mentally stronger.
You can feel free to share what you gave yourself on what wod and why, ex ” I give myself a B because towards the end of the wod my wall balls didn’t go to target on all of them” or ” I give myself an A because I did all of my push ups with my chest to the ground every single time”. Let me know if this helps and if it changes the way you guys work out!