November 2017

Weight loss is Hard! But not impossible.


I have been trying to write this article for a long time.  I write, erase, start over, write something else,  backspace a bunch of times, write some more, erase that, start over again, etc...  If you are reading this, then that is proof I got it done.  It might not be perfect, but it’s done. [...]

Weight loss is Hard! But not impossible.2018-09-10T14:26:04+00:00

September 2017

Portion Control – Some easy steps


Are You Really That Hungry? Restaurant portions in the U.S. are so large that others in the civilized world can not even fathom how one person can eat a meal by themselves. While it's nice to know you're getting your money's worth, consuming large portions can be the equivalent to eating all of your daily [...]

Portion Control – Some easy steps2018-09-10T14:29:18+00:00