If you’re looking for the best fitness instructors in the region—you’ve come to the right place!  Many of us started right here with CrossFit Stony Brook, so we reflect the diversity in age, gender, and ethnicity that make our gym a great place to work out & hang out.  The high energy fitness work we do here is varied as well—from maximum intensity functional fitness to tailored, sport-focused training.  If you’re looking for a welcoming, motivating, family-friendly, neighborhood CrossFit gym in Long Island, you really should come meet our trainers.

Michael Denicola
Michael DenicolaOwner, Head Coach

I am a Marine Corps veteran; I am honored to have served in Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.  I’ve always been athletic—from mixed martial arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to running triathlons and marathons, football and track in high school.  In 2008, my wife Janine and I started CrossFit—a passion that quickly became an obsession!

I went back to school and graduated with an Exercise Science degree.  I specialize in movement and endurance coaching & my specialty is working with people fighting obesity and living with disease or disability.

In Michael’s words: “What I love most about coaching our members is…seeing the positive changes they make, seeing their accomplishments and the joy in their eyes when the do something they never thought possible.”

Janine Denicola
Janine DenicolaOwner | Head Coach of CFSB Boot Camp

I am the Boot Camp Commander—and I love it!  I’ve always been athletic—from tennis and basketball to marathons.  In 2008, my husband Michael and I started CrossFit—and soon adopted Boot Camp as an intense, healthy introduction to the high energy way of life we love.

I really enjoy coaching, and helping our members experience what they are truly capable of—mentally, physically and emotionally.

In Janine’s words: “I’m a busy mom but making time for yourself is important.  That’s what I love about Boot Camp.”

John Grass
John GrassCoach

My specialty is youth exercise, conditioning, strength, and weightlifting.  I love coaching the young people in our community—it’s truly inspiring how much exercise can help expand people’s life opportunities.  I started with CrossFit in 2010, CrossFit Stony Brook in 2011, and started competing within 6 months.

I receive my certification in March 2012 and am currently working on my Exercise Science degree.

In John’s words: “What I love most about coaching my members is…learning what motivates them and helping them attain their goals.”

Paul Lozano
Paul LozanoCoach

I’ve been dedicated to CrossFit since 2011—and I’m committed to fitness & wellness in my own life and others.  My specialty is working with competitive athletes—designing customized programming to help individuals beat their previous best!   People who know me even a little know that I’m a diehard Yankee fan—go team!

In my words: “My reason for becoming a CrossFit coach comes from my profession as a social worker. I get more satisfaction when I see one of my athletes push themselves outside of their comfort zone.”
Robyn Romanoff
Robyn RomanoffCoach

I started crossfit April 2014 and fell in love with every aspect of what it had to offer. I was a collegiate tennis player for Dowling college. After my college tennis had ended I needed a way to get my active and competitive fix, that’s when I found Crossfit Stony Brook.

Crossfit Stony Brook became my home, my family, my stress relief, my favorite part of my day. I knew I had to find a way to be a around this positive environment as much as possible. That’s when I decided to become a coach. I wanted to help and inspire others the way I had been inspired.

In my words:

“It’s Just That Feeling”

It’s the comprehension of struggle, with its tedious aches.
It’s the will power to suffer, pushing to see if you have what it takes.
It’s the continuation of repetition, gasping for breath as you go.
It’s the way your mind screams, but you just won’t listen to no.
It’s the blissful high you receive, after the blood draws away from your head.
It’s how peaceful you feel, especially right before bed.
It’s the way you start to change, physically and emotionally.
It’s the person you learn to become, your ideal self-becomes reality.

Ahmed Ahmed
Ahmed AhmedCoach

Crossfit has allowed me to bring mind and body together like nothing else has prior. Before I started CrossFit in 2014, I couldn’t get into an air squat! Becoming a functional human being through movement and knowing that limitation is just a word

And nothing more through mindfulness, has tremendously increased my quality of life. I refuse to accept “I can’t”s and will always be adamant to show you that you can.
Tom Cuff
Tom CuffCoach

I’m Tom and I’ve had a passion for health and fitness for about 10 years.  I believe that health and fitness is the foundation of a healthy life and when that is put first and taken care of, we’re more effective people, husbands, wives, workers, etc.

I found Crossfit in late 2016 and fell in love with the community methodology almost instantly and saw its ability to transform people’s lives and perception of themselves. What I love most about coaching our members is seeing people support and push each other during workouts when they get challenging.


At CrossFit Stony Brook, we’re focused on the family—from having a kids play area so moms and dads can concentrate on their workouts, to having children’s fitness programs, to having showers so you can work out before work…we understand how to integrate the workout into your busy life.

The facility has everything to program CrossFit workouts, including squat racks, Concept 2 rowers, kettlebells and pull-up rig.  For those who have done CrossFit before—we have increased the CrossFit box space.  And we know how important it is to impact future generations—so our gym offers classes for ages 6 and up.

Challenge that limiting belief!

Only you can change your body and mind—and realize your fitness potential.