Welcome to the easiest diet program you have ever done.  I say it’s easy because I want you have that mindset throughout the next 6 weeks.  Look I get it, Diet is complicated, everyone is an expert, and everything you here seems to contradict each other.  First Fat was bad, now it’s Sugar to blame.  What about Gluten, should you be Gluten Free, and what does that even mean?  

Don’t stress!!!  This program is super easy, we will answer all your questions and it’s made to help get you started eating healthy and feeling great.

Each week watch one video like the one below and make a small adjustment to your diet for that week.  These little adjustments are easy to handle and add up over time.  
So here is you first video to get you started.  Watch it here: https://youtu.be/2rAsAmW-5Zs

Your goals for this week are:

  1. Drink Plenty of fluids – 128 ounces for men or 96 ounces for women and I want at least 80% of that to be water.
  2. Determine your Caloric Needs
    1. Look up in the chart below how many calories you should be consuming.
    2. For the few days of the week, just try to figure out how many calories you are currently consuming.  Use an app to help if you wish.  We like My Fitness Pal or The Better Human App
    3. Around the middle of the week I want you to try to start matching your caloric consumption (how many you eat) with your caloric needs based on the chart below..  

Remember:  If your not perfect its ok, just try to do your best.  Its a process and we don’t want you to quit or get frustrated trying to be perfect.  We want you to have some wiggle room in your diet and allow yourself to have some treats.  Our long term goal is healthy eating habits not perfection.  

If you need help or have any questions please let us know, we are always here to help.

Personal Calorie Needs Based on Hours of Weekly Activity
3 Hours of Activity 5 Hours of Activity 7 Hours of Activity
Weight Sedentary Med Med-High Very High Med Med-High Very High Med Med-High Very High
165 2096 2237 2306 2450 2331 2447 2687 2426 3179 2924
180 2196 2350 2425 2582 2453 2577 2839 2556 3373 3096
195 2282 2449 2528 2701 2560 2697 2980 2672 3556 3260
210 2352 2532 2617 2802 2652 2793 3102 2772 3720 3402
225 2453 2645 2735 2936 2774 2924 3258 2903 3918 3581
240 2520 2726 2821 3034 2863 3021 3377 3000 4079 3720